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"Discussion on Thomas Piketty - Miyao & Comanor" (7/17/2014)
"YouTube: Takahiro Miyao's diaglogue with William Comanor, No. 2"  New

"Japan's Economic Revival" (Comanor-Miyao Dialogue Video: 10/28/2013)
"YouTube: Takahiro Miyao's dialogue with William Comanor, No. 1"

"Monopoly and Inequality" (Comanor-Miyao Opinion: Posted in Competitionacademia.com: 6/24/2015)
"For a generation, economists had primarily emphasized the goal of economic efficiency and paid far less attention to distributive outcomes…… More recently, however, as the extent of inequality became increasingly apparent, important volumes appeared, particularly those by Stiglitz, Frank and Piketty."  New

"Toward the 50th Anniversary of Kennedy Tax Cuts" (Comanor-Miyao Opinion: 10/28/2013)
"The US economy is sluggish and expanding at merely 2% per annum…….We could act now so that the ‘New Kennedy Tax Cuts of 2014' could take effect at least by February 26, 2014."

"Lessons from Japan" (Comanor-Miyao Opinion: Posted in Asia Times: 4/4/2013)
"During the 1980s, Japan attracted considerable attention in the United States and elsewhere as a model for economic progress.........."

"Killing the doctors to cure the disease" (Comanor-Miyao Opinion: 7/23/2012)
"In the 1970s, Americans joked about the Soviet leader who ordered the execution of doctors for causing a mysterious disease in a particular region......"

"Is It China's Turn to Change Economic Gear?" (Miyao-Comanor Opinion: Posted in Asia Times: 3/27/2012)
"There is little question but that the Chinese economy, after its spectacular performance over the past two decades, is currently in the process of slowing down......"

"Polarizing Opinions Among US Economists: Book Review" (Miyao Review: 2/11/2012)
"Two of the most prominent economists of our time, one conservative and one liberal, recently published easy-to-read books......" PDF File

"Overcoming Unwarranted Radiation Fears in Japan" (Miyao Opinion: 9/08/2011)
"Japan is now in the process of recovering from the natural and nuclear disasters that hit the Tohoku region six months ago......"

"What the U.S. Can Learn from Japan's Economic Policy Failure After the Crisis" (Comanor-Miyao Opinion: 7/09/2011) PDF File
"The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March was an enormous tragedy......"

"Standing at the Crossroads between Pro-Nuclear and Anti-Nuclear Paths" (Miyao Opinion: 4/22/2011)
"There have long been pros and cons regarding the safety of nuclear power......"

"What is Missing in Mass Media Reporting of Japan's Radiation Contamination" (Miyao Opinion: 3/28/2011)
"Horrifying news headlines on Japan's nuclear crisis have been appearing in both the Japanese and foreign media……"

"Why Japan Can Avoid Nuclear and Economic Disasters" (Miyao Opinion: 3/20/2011)
"There has been a striking discrepancy among outside views of Japan's current crisis and future prospects……"

"Putting the Cart Before the Horse" (Comanor-Miyao Opinion: 10/30/2010)
"Suppose you encounter a serious traffic accident. What to do? There is a progression of……"

"Economic Reasoning" (Comanor-Miyao Comment: Posted in The Economist: 8/6/2009)
"SIR – We read your briefing on the state of economics (“The other-worldly philosophers, July 18th). Our view……."

The following books are available without charge on Google Books:
The Law and Economics of Child Support Payment, 2004.
Competitive Policy in Global Economy, 1997.
Advertising and Market Power, 1974.

"Lessons from Japan's 'Lost Decade' for the World Economy Today" posted in Polish website: www.obserwatorfinsowy.pl (4/2/2010)

Comanor & Miyao papers in Japanese (日本語):コマナー・宮尾共著論文などの掲載:

両極化する米経済学者の意見:書評 (宮尾:2/11/2012)
http://miyao-blog.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2012-02-11  New





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